IP20 rated ceiling light fitting for indoor use. it consists of a circular plate of AISI 304 polished stainless steel, housing a modular system of extra-light polymethyl methacrylate droplet chains. versions: gocce colonna with 30 droplet chains which create a Ø200mm, h.475mm or 1975mm column. gocce cupola grande with 45 droplet chains which create a Ø575mm h.1000mm dome. gocce cupola piccola with 15 droplet chains which create a Ø200mm h.600mm dome. gocce fontana with 30 droplet chains which create a Ø575mm h.980mm fountain. gocce tenda with a single polymethyl methacrylate support to install a 1000mm o 7500mm drops chain. wired with 2700K or 3000K Ra98 14W 1580lm or 19.9W 2140lm led source. it is available with hm02 standard sanded bulb or spot82x79. 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: drop chain 1000mm or 7500mm long. finishes: polished stainless steel plate, argento hacca spotlight. customize your light visit



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