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figaroqua figarolà was awarded for its technology, thus becoming part of adi's permanent collection, declared by the ministry of cultural heritage and activities to be of "exceptional artistic and historical interest."
Viabizzuno milano 2024
a movie made by stefano santamato
Viabizzuno presents new products
ellissi ellissi
from monday 15 to sunday 21 april 2024
laboratorio della luce inmilano
monday 15 april at 6 pm
kengo kuma
MIRAI design district
a new architectural landmark in the heart of miami’s design district
tuesday 16 april at 6pm
gianpaolo pagni
the rubber stamp drawing and the poetics of etcetera
wednesday 17 april at 6pm
maria falcone and alessandro de lisi
giovanni falcone and paolo borsellino museum of the present, an urban and social hinge
from 5 to 9 february 2024
laboratorio inbologna
nett uno 40
nett uno 80
nett uno 100
bologna, italy
project: modernissimo srl, artistic curator giancarlo basili
paris, france
project: jaques garcia architecture
photo: alexis raimbault

Viabizzuno illuminates the tomb of giuliano de’ medici, duke of nemours

sagrestia nuova, basilica di san lorenzo, piazza di san lorenzo 9, florence
february monday the eighteenth twothousandnineteen
bergamo, italy
project: de8_architetti, locatelli partners, laura gatti
photo: marco pesenti, michele nastasi, Viabizzuno
palazzo reale, milan
project: umberto zanetti, zda zanetti design architettura
photo: dsl studio, alessandro saletta
ceiling and wall-mounted interior lighting solution with the n55 interface and propeller of only 20 mm
amsterdam, the netherlands
project: gabriela puig soleill
photo: carole martinod
paris, france
interior design: rdai
photo: guillaume grasset

Viabizzuno inmiami

our laboratory of light inmiami opens its doors to welcome all the international artists, art enthusiasts and designers during art basel miami 2023.
come and visit us from 8th to 10th december in 4304 NE 2nd ave, miami, 33137 from 9am to 8pm
aprileViabizzuno duemilaventitre
from monday 17 to sunday 23 april 2023
laboratorio della luce Viabizzuno inmilano, via solferino 18

for our eyes, for our sons



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