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per concepire la tua luce
bari giugno 2018
lectio magistralis mario nanni

teatro petruzzelli bari
designing is a way of being, of thinking, of acting.
it is the construction of oneself, strongly heading towards the improvement,a thought of life.
to design is not only a professional work,
but rather a suggestion,a promise of quality, of distinction and value.
the way to correct the disorder of the world.
we have to learn how to design through the light. through the study of all the arts.
because light studies, learn, connects and enlightens all the fields of man’s knowledge.
and it’s through observing and listening to the natural light
that we learn to know, work and touch the lighting matter.
this is how the art is born, the art of doing, the art of transmission.
this is how the vocation is born that is one’s own passion
profession and passion knowledge and soul,
intelligence and heart are the vital elements of our making
only this way we can talk about art.
who works with hands is a worker,
who works with hands with brain is an artisan,
to become a real artist you have to know how to work
with hand, with brain, but especially with the heart.
we must have the crossed skills of who learns with the eyes
and of who knows how to make research using
the most advanced technologies with intelligence and commitment,
proud of our italianness. only like this we can find,
create new roads, new pathways, new projects and new objects.
light, we have to: understand it, know how to operate
it like the stage technician does in theatre
the emotion of nothing.



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