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ascolta, sifaluce
esprit nouveau settembre 2018
from september nineteenth to october twentyeight two thousand eighteen
le corbusier esprit nouveau pavilion, bologna
only when all arts gather the enchantment appears and everything turns into poetry. mn

the history of architecture has been soaked of light and viceversa since they both exist, joined by the time and the technology of the moment. the pavillion of the esprit nouveau by le corbusier, apartment designed nineteen seventy-seven, is a masterpiece of the swiss master architecture for the use of natural light as a construction material, to design and research geometries, curves, volumes, space inventions and colours. when the first artificial light, the incandescence lamp, at that time totally brand new, has been invented, it was still misconceived, le corbusier started using it in his architecture in a functional and essential way, showing its construction technique in an clear and pure way. this housing type, built in bologna in nineteen seventy-seven, as a symbol of modern architecture, is reinterpreted with a solo exhibition, until the twenty-eighth of october, by the master of light mario nanni, through the brighting of his art pieces.



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