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adeam tokyo
place:ginza six department store, tokyo giappone
project:happenstance collective (javier villar ruiz, tomoki yamasaki)
lighting project:Viabizzuno
technical sales consultant:luca chinello
photos:katsumasa tanaka
adeam is a fashion brand that is particularly attentive to the customer experience within its stores. hence it was important that the new space in the ginza six shopping centre in tokyo was welcoming and understated, but at the same time attractive and visible. the architectural design produced by the studio happenstance collective separates the shop from the general aisle by means of a semi-transparent metal mesh that runs along the entire length, without completely hiding it but rather becoming its characterising feature. its unusual layout alternates internal recesses, where comfortable seats and the furniture for displaying accessories can be positioned, with external niches in which the mannequins are displayed. floor standing panels in pietra serena accompany the visitor through the succession of spaces. the design of the architecture and the furnishings creates a continuity between the elements through the use of the same materials: bamboo is used on the floors and the upper walls, stucco in the niches and the ceiling and stainless steel for the metal mesh and the supporting frames of the furniture. the fully concealed appliances, used throughout the space, adhere to this essential concept. the linear c2 led profiles, hidden within the grooves of the false ceiling, illuminate the mesh creating a gradual shading effect and giving the appearance of an opaque dividing wall from the inside and a semi-transparent backlit screen to the eyes of passers-by. the accent lighting on the mannequins and near the mirrors is achieved using m1 micro scomparsa totale lights positioned in the ceiling. the arcoled lamps, integrated into the niche that runs through the shop and where the clothes are displayed, emphasise the depth of the backdrop and the texture of the fabrics. n55 spotlights inside small 094 grooves illuminate the mannequins. in this design, light is the silent star of the show. it brings out the true colours of the clothes and accessories, enhancing the richness of the garments thanks to the high quality of the colour rendering (CRI of 98), and the colour temperature of 3000Vb K.



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