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the wine hull
place:parma, italia
project:gio tirotto
technical sales consultant:maicol fedrigo
photos:federico villa
the wine hull environments are born as a spectacular journey told by the strips of a comic book: a sequence of black and white drawings, of graphic signs balanced with each other, are a form, a moment, a place, a shot of the story. the difference between reality and design is light: inserted between the black and white of the project, clarifies its depth, volume, concreteness, organizes its functions, indulge the man to live in the ‘page after page’ interiors. the light firmly reaffirms the two-tone nature of the spaces. n55 binario black devices run parallel on the white ceiling, black bands cut through the rigorous and dry compartments. the purity of architectural white shines thanks to the high colour rendering of the leds with ra98 and step macadam equal to 1; the scarlet red of the furniture, illuminated by a n55 sospensione, welcomes those who enter, sit down and want to focus on the job. the rays of peled descend upon the shining work of art like drops tilted by the wind. on the big tasting table, a bunch of n55 on the ceiling with decorative bulb gt01 designet by the architect giò tirotto suggests a glass of good wine. 094 system aereo redesigns the space with large suspended circles, reflected in the volumes of the cellar. the moving light is a clear graphic sign, it guides wine lovers up the ladder. entering into the narrative and space, you can see the heart of the project: wine, protagonist and cause of the search for uniqueness of the project. the wine with warm tones, with a precious lustre attracts every look. the design of the decantaluce absorbs the idea: as a decanter expands to unleash the nectar of the gods. the surface is first transparent and finally sanded. the light emitted by the led propulsore slows down, it filters out, it spreads out into space, then... it decants.



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