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place:barcellona, spagna
project:kengo kuma & associates
photos:miguel de guzman, rocio romero
lorenzo fluxa founded a camper in 1975 to meet the demand for footwear with a new and fresh style, made use of their knowledge of traditional craftsmanship to connote a bold new brand. the shoes are still today designed and developed in inca, in the heart of the island of mallorca, a young team of creatives works closely with the craftsmen to make about 500 models each season. in 2018 the craftsmanship of the brand found full application in architectural design and renovation of the first camper shop in barcelona. the kengo kuma project is characterized by raw ceramic tiles, made by the spanish artisan company cumella and used as display media. careful about nature of materials and their authenticity, kengo kuma prefers simple lines, warm tones. the roughness of the ‘cooked’ ceramic enhances the irregular shapes, creative and soft of camper products. in the repetition of the display tiles it is produced rhythm, harmony, shadow. in the shadow of the joints, between the curved fragments, the sistema microtraccia with the micromen spot of Viabizzuno, are perfectly integrated with the supporting structure of the tiles so much so it seems invisible, highlights the colors and details of each product: a visual effect with musical cadence. the spots are directional and can satisfy the particulars display needs of each object. while the ambient light invites you to enter the shop, the light of the 13x8 linear led profile of Viabizzuno enhances, for well-defined points, the uniqueness of each frame, that frames every single shoe. to support the slender ceramic tiles, the white paneled ceiling is a single large immaterial volume, where the VbB tracks are recessed, together with the white adjustable eco mini track luminaires, focusing the attention with an accent light on products that deserve special consideration. architecture conscious of the design sense of kengo kuma material perfectly matches the attention to detail and the concreteness of the immaterial that the light of Viabizzuno produces, making the atmosphere simple and authentic.



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