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grand hotel elle decor
place:palazzo morando, milano, italia
project:studio citterio viel
buyer:hearst magazine
technical sales consultant:matteo vivian
photos:pietro savorelli
the palazzo morando located in the heart of milan’s fashion district hosted the second edition of ‘elle décor grand hotel’ and with its installation ‘the open house’, the studio antonio citterio patricia viel, with its extensive experience in the hotel trade, was aiming to investigate new possibilities for hotels. envisaging that the hotel rooms could occupy the upper floors of the historic building, the design concentrates on public areas accommodating a variety of different functions: from enjoying works of art, to the screening of films not normally seen in the major cinema chains, select shopping opportunities and gourmet culinary events. reinventing the classic sequence of rooms and abolishing the traditional reception desk, each area has been designed as an interior design project that includes custom-made furniture, floor and wall coverings, a carefully selected colour palette and a lighting design using Viabizzuno light fittings. the entrance from the eighteenth-century building’s courtyard, the soft lights of the lanterna lamps and the silver reflection of the bar counter welcome guests in an atmosphere that seems almost suspended in time, far from the noise of the city. the itinerary starts from the library, an intimate environment illuminated by a comfortable general lighting and heated virtually by the video installation that reproduces the flames of a fireplace. accent lighting illuminate the titles in the bookcases along the wall elegantly clad in pied-de-poule fabric. the fiore floor-standing lamps designed by peter zumthor stand alongside the comfortable sofa for reading and the table, the work of antonio citterio, while in the background the graphic presentation printed on tulle replicates the architecture of the palazzo morando. in the ‘the chef’s table’ restaurant, the n55 suspended light fittings cabled with a 65 750 mA propulsore dinamico and a lensoptica lens guarantee an ideal level of illumination and high visual comfort, revealing the chef’s activities in the kitchen and the secrets of his preparations. sul sole va lamps, designed by the architects neri&hu and crafted by Viabizzuno in brass and leather, illuminate the fragrant flower market. while a skilled florist creates his compositions, the micromen on mensolona, like precious jewels, discreetly and elegantly illuminate a series of glass vases and splendid plants. in the spa, the n55 luminaires, thanks to the high quality of their light and their high colour rendering index, CRI 98, enhance the colour and the texture of the natural wood and liquid marble, a work in black marble by mathieu lehanneur, visible from the large window overlooking via sant’andrea. in the final area of the itinerary, the concept store, the men sole furniture system enhances the precious objects on display with frontal lighting and adds depth and three-dimensionality with the illumination of the backdrop.



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