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garage italia
place:milano, italia
project:studio amdl michele de lucchi
buyer:garage italia immobiliare
lighting project:centropolis design
technical sales consultant:matteo vivian, sabrina de franceschi, massimiliano morace
photos:studio pietro savorelli
in piazzale accursio in milan the headquarters of garage italia opens in the evocative fifties architecture of the former agip supercortemaggiore service station, restored by michele de lucchi’s studio amdl. the visitor is welcomed on the ground floor by the ‘creative cloud’, devised by lapo elkann and michele de lucchi as expression of a playful world. a suspended structure of more than a thousand models of cars in 1:18 scale, illuminated by thin suspension bulbs (micromen) which exalt their details and colors, creating a magical object that evokes childhood memories, but also the world of car racing. beneath the cloud, a warm atmosphere envelops the bar area, thanks to the light of mt miami, created exclusively for garage italia, which recalls ‘...a sunset at south beach’. a soft pink flamingo-colored shell that encloses a dynamic light which passes from the color temperature of 2700K in the morning to a light of 4000K at midday, returning to 2700K at dusk. like the cycle of natural light from dawn to sundown. we are taken to the basement in an elegant lift where the classic taste of the walls in velvet and the seating in foglizzo 1921 leather meets the innovative light of the n55 with the lens lensoptica amp. the exclusive bathroom spaces on this floor are lit by the n55 system to which a glass of enwrapping forms is applied, recalling the navigation light of the riva motorboat. bespoke light for a customer who bears with him italian creativity, innovation and craftsmanship. going to the upper floor, by way of stairs lit by the light of the bacchetta magica fluo, we come to the restaurant garage italia milano by carlo cracco. the mt marmitta light fittings, projected around the n55 system, are reminiscent of the shape of a car silencer, illuminating the space where the star is a ferrari 250 gto transformed into a cocktail station. the n55 system was selected for lighting the materioteca, forge of car bodywork personalization projects. the quality of light and the very high color rendering index (equal to 98) allow the expression of all the chromatic richness of the samples of paint, fabrics and leathers on show. light becomes a means of communication to narrate the passion that lapo elkann and his team transmit during the creation and personalization of cars, aircraft and vessels. materioteca: feminine noun. archive, library of materials, exhibition space dedicated to the study of matter in its technological and aesthetic dimension. creative hub of garage italia, it is a place of inspiration where ideas come to life. it allows you to explore a vast collection of materials used to make ‘customized dreams’.



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