casa conti
place:verona, italia
project:scr studiocasaliroveda
technical sales consultant:andrea cinquetti
photos:giovanni peretti
foreman:riccardo roveda
private clients fall in love with the west part of the hill of montericco in valpolicella, in the veronese landscape, among the vineyards. casa conti was born with commission to the studio scr: a central body of two floors above ground is flanked by a three-storey tower dating back to the second half of the 17th century. the original stratigraphy is brought back to light and placed to dialogue with the new buildings planned in the project. a sinuous movement of lines is created by the new and pure volumes extruding from the perimeter of the existing building. in them everyday places are unfolded: wall lamps quasi enhance the double height kitchen ceiling, generating ambient light; the c system c2, inserted in the beam specifically made for this purpose, perfectly illuminates the worktop. cilindro 58 provides precise illumination in the dining area, enclosed and well-defined, and in the reading area in the mezzanine, where there was no possibility of recessing; the game of light and shadow harmonizes with the furniture and the space. the two main levels, to which is added the recovered roof-terrace, dialogue in a new way with the context. the external language is sober and discreet, respecting the identities of the rural architecture of valpolicella. the interior, on the other hand, stands out for its clear contemporaneity of the planimetric drawing and of the materials used, including the beautiful local stone from the quarries located a few kilometers away from the house. the light fittings are designed for maximum colour rendering and enhance the material and minimalist inserts of the house. all the light fittings have been made to the client’s request, for example, the colour ral 7030 is identical to the one used for the walls. the flexibility of systems such as arcoled and c system c2 is perfect for grazing light on the stone and wood walls: the light diffused in the rooms is soft. the net lamp, wall version and total concealed version, give optimal light to the mirrors in the various bathrooms. cilindro 58 and m1 micro provide ideal light for the outdoor space, between the green of the olive trees and the area dedicated to the swimming pool, where convivial areas have been created.



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