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Viabizzuno enlightens 'dear to me' the exhibition of the master peter zumthor at the kunsthaus bregenz.
in 1997, the kunsthaus art gallery designed by the master peter zumthor was inaugurated in bregenz, along the shores of lake constance. the star of the architectural design is the natural light that enters the interior rooms through a sophisticated system of glass cladding, giving shape and depth to the spaces with its continuous variations and different intensities. on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the swiss architect designed and set up the exhibition ‘dear to me’, a place where people can see and hear about the artistic initiatives that are dear to him. geometric panels, arranged on the walls like abstract paintings, frame the space on the ground floor, furnished with seats and stools designed by the master. this room plays host to musicians, writers, philosophers, scientists and artisans who have inspired and shared his works. people such as the austrian composer olga neuwirth, the photographer hélène binet or the artists gerda steiner and jörg lenzlinger who were also invited to exhibit their works within the exhibition. the first floor eschews any redesign: the ceiling of natural light and the polished terrazzo floor, enveloped by stone walls, are immediate evidence of the master’s architecture. on the second floor, deep bookcases create a helical maze around an open central space. this is the gallery’s library, a space for public readings and private research, where Viabizzuno presented its new fiore lamp, designed in conjunction with peter zumthor. a floor light fitting with a cylindrical steel base, a fixed stem that is flexible at its end, and a diffuser finished in black leather handmade in Italy. the lamp, fitted with an on-off and dimming system using a manual potentiometer, seems to come from the concrete: devoid of a power cable, it is powered by an internal li-ion battery with a capacity sufficient for 12h. a simple and delicate presence, but with a high technological content, in a space that draws together the inspirations and memories of a grand master of international architecture. kunsthaus: neuter noun, from the german ‘house of artists’, indicates a building in which conventions, exhibitions and artistic exhibitions are held. it could be translated as an ‘art gallery’, although it has a wider and more specific meaning, referring to a space that hosts multiple projects and to which several artists collaborate. fiore (flower): masculine noun, from the latin flos floris the most beautiful and showy part of the plant, which contains the reproduction apparatus: it is a transformed shoot that carries special leaves used for the reproductive function, different from the normal leaves in shape and size. in common use, some flowers are indicated with the same name of the plant, for example ‘a rose’. ‘a rain of flowers descended, sweet in the memory, from the beautiful branches into her lap’. (francesco petrarca, canzoniere) in a figurative sense, the best part, the chosen part, the most beautiful period, youth: the flower of sb’s youth do not believe that the future is always roses and flowers. ‘you, blossom of my own shaken and parched tree, you, of my vain life ultimate and only flower’. (giosuè carducci, pianto antico) in the history of art, for a long time the floral paintings have been considered a minor theme. yet, especially since the nineteenth century, some of the greatest painters have measured themselves with the representation of flowers. jan brueghel the old, flemish painter, in the seventeenth century painted vases and baskets, imaginative and varied, with warm and bright tones. the most famous are the van gogh sunflowers, with the unmistakable yellow cadmium, portrayed in each phase of flowering, from the bud to withering, like the monet gardens, a riot of roses, iris, tulips, bellflowers, gladioli, wisteria and water lilies. fiore, light fitting designed in 2007 by peter zumthor architect, Viabizzuno light factory IP20 rated floor standing, wall and suspension light fitting for indoor use. versions: fiore floor-standing with Ø140mm h.134mm aisi 304 steel base, Ø16mm h.1130mm fixed rod, Ø13mm 600mm flexible rod and Ø80mm h.150mm conical diffuser; activation and dimming with linear potentiometer, 12 hour life li-ion battery, 240V 50-60Hz battery charger with l.2000mm cable included. accessories: additional battery, battery charger, additional battery and battery charger, 1, 5 and 10 modules additional battery charger. fiore wall with Ø13mm 600mm flexible rod, Ø80mm h.135mm conical diffuser; activation and dimming with linear potentiometer, 24Vdc constant voltage power supply not included, to be installed remotely. fiore ceiling with Ø80mm h.180mm power supply rose, 400mm rod and Ø13mm 600mm flexible rod; 120-240V 50-60Hz power supply included. wired with Ra95 2700K 4.5W 337lm led source. optics: 20°. finishes: chrome lamp body, diffuser covered with black leather handmade in italy



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