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ag fronzoni

I met a man with an uncommon sensitivity, a teacher that all designers should have the chance to meet, ag fronzoni...
I was amazed how his words managed, to express my very own thoughts.
Viabizzuno logo was born.

mn, 1996


inside the firm, an international staff of designers with different kinds of instruction gives substance to Viabizzuno 
guide philosophy to design part of the verb to love skill, creativity and experience in order to satisfy, in every occasion, the requests and the needs of the projects, also with special lighting fittings made to measure. the right light.

a white space intersected by two lines one vertical, well balanced, logical, clean, the other dynamic, irreverent, ironic. separate and yet complementary, just like the two different philosophies behind Viabizzuno two collections. in the intersection between the two lines, UpO.



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