the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to intrigue, appreciate, study and explore projects and architectures, people and events.
book of thoughts, studies, workshops and designs of light. three printed editions, sold out.
Viabizzuno unoventicinque
opera omnia. the complete collection of our magazines that from ninteenninetyfive tells the first sixteen years of our way of making light, our dreams and our projects. our history.
a manual created over time to allow the designer to create with our light fittings his/her own language of light.
colors and finishes
the folder that contains Viabizzuno preciousness of materials.
dictionary maximum
work tool that gathers in alphabetic order all our light fixtures and all the meaningful words of Viabizzuno philosofy, language and knowledge.
Viabizzuno history through its light. a summary to study, use, keep in your pocket. a daily prayer to know how select the correct light. to design is form of the verb to love.
3d library
all our lighting fixtures in 3d format in order to enlighten your 3d models.
the designers card that enables all its possessors to partecipate to our design path, to follow us closely and be part of our circle of friends that we are able to recognise worldwide.
the light film company. a collection of short films that tell the handcrafted and technologic poetics that is base to the design of light fixtures, the history, the applications and the fabulous lighting world.
Viabizzuno application, a comprehensive tool for the designer: pictures, texts, projects, manual, dictionary, 2d and 3d drawings, photometric curves. the gift for the ones searching and designing the correct light everyday.
to enrich the world of digrandebellezza light, and to design and customize your light, download the Viabizzuno applight from the app store or play store.
the portal where you can buy our light fittings and receive them directly at home. available from may.
Viabizzuno website. a white page full of windows to explore, the virtual page through which Viabizzuno appears on the world and tells its own history, light, events and projects.



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