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the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to appreciate, study and explore project and architectures, people and events and to work together with the art of light. subcribe to our magazines or download the digital version, translated in thirteen languages from today.
manuale della luce 03.
a manual created over time to allow the designer to create with our light fittings his/her own language of light.
Viabizzuno website. a white page full of windows to explore, the virtual page through which Viabizzuno appears on the world and tells its own history, light, events and projects.
a handy and quick application to conceive your light. a complete collection of Viabizzuno light fixtures easy to browse online also from mobiles. you can download it now from app store or play store.
the light reflected by the white pages, uncontaminated, pure, ready to receive our images, our thoughts, our projects, as when we were a child, in front of an empty notebook.
Viabizzunoreport unoventicinque
opera omnia. the complete collection of our magazines that from ninteenninetyfive tells the first sixteen years of our way of making light, our dreams and our projects. our history.
dizionario maximum
work tool that gathers in alphabetic order all our light fixtures and all the meaningful words of Viabizzuno philosofy, language and knowledge.
book of thoughts, studies, workshops and designs of light. three printed editions, sold out.
Viabizzuno history through its digrandebellezza® light. a summary to study, use, keep in your pocket. a daily prayer to know how select the correct light.
to design is form of the verb to love.
a little volume, a compendium that contains the identity, the style, the working tools of our way to enlighten.
colors and finishes
the folder that contains Viabizzuno preciousness of materials.
the light film company. a collection of short films that tell the handcrafted and technologic poetics that is base to the design of light fixtures, the history, the applications and the fabulous lighting world.
biblioteca della luce
it is our way to display light, to tell and unveil it. because light must be red, interpreted, heard and tasted like a good book. a large bookcase, made of books of night, consiting of an entire wall of “riposami”, on infinite library of light in which our white boxes are the casket that hold the lamps.
3d library
you can find all our light fitting in 3d format to use it for your render and 3d models.
la giacca del lampadimario
blue like the night sky in our dreams
our own metalwork blue
with hidden buttons to not scratch anything on which we lie made to live on top of you.
designed by ag fronzoni 1999, the text is divided between the left sleeve and the side. made from 100% blue mn cotton.
la sacca del progettista
made of 100% blue mn cotton gabardine features a lateral pencil pocket.
a ten centimetres hornbeam wooden rule, the designer always keeps in his pocket to make sure his project measures up.



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