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a story born in romagna and another one in a land that bears the name of romagna. the first is in via bizzuno, the second in via romagnoli. they are the same story: the tale of one man that has become the story of many people. ... the passion, the practical approach, the daring and the tenacity of natives of romagna who start building their dreams by digging the ground, not by merely gazing at the sky. 13,365 mq of highways and unpaved roads, street lamps and rows of grapevines, motorway cafés and balm-crickets. a white monolith, a stairway between two walls of stacked pallets, long vertical windows and a little persimmon as a guardian: the signs of the first house. the signs of the second house: concrete walls, glimpses of the sky, front paths and roof gardens. this is the great Viabizzuno house, in via romagnoli... which could only have been in 'ben ti voglio' (I love you), the place where anything can happen if one puts good feelings, love, passion and perseverance into his actions... and even the story may never end.



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